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Amish Mustards

We offer over 50 different Amish made jams, jellies, mustards, butters & snacks. All with the quality & purity you've come to expect.

Amish Relish

Jams in flavors from strawberry to dutch apple. Homemade butters
flavored with peach, apple, blueberry & pumpkin.

Amish Honey

We also have many Amish specialties like Chow Chow, Corn Relish, Bread & Butter Pickles, Salsa, Pie Filling, Peaches, Noodles and Sorghum. Great snacks - Popcorn, Popcorn Salt, Buttery Topping, Candies, Beef Jerky, Beef Sticks, Dried Fruits, Licorice and much more.

Amish Rock Candy

Each product has the quality assurance that's an Amish tradition.

Amish Honey

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