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Since 1913


Founder Jakob Ammann

About Us

For over 100 Years we have been building our reputation with satisfied customers, on the square in Newton, IL


We offer a large selection of authentic Amish-made Foods! Our Amish families prepare each product in small batches to maximize the flavors. Products include apple butter, candies, jams & jellies, mustards, relishes, BBQ Sauces, pickled veggies and pickled eggs.


Amish recipes from generations past are still used today, which provides the highest quality and best tasting eatables for your kitchen table.


Tony Arndt

Our Products


Our Variety

We offer over 50 different Amish made jams, jellies, mustards, butters & snacks. All with the quality & purity you’ve come to expect.


Jams and Homemade Butters

Jams in flavors from strawberry to dutch apple. Homemade butters in over 15 flavors.


Amish Specialties

We also have many Amish specialties like Chow Chow, Corn Relish, Bread & Butter Pickles, Salsa, Pie Filling, Peaches, Noodles and Sorghum Molasses. Great snacks – Popcorn, Popcorn Salt, Buttery Topping, Candies, Licorice and much more.


High Quality 

Each product has the quality assurance that’s an Amish tradition.

Who Are The Amish?

The Amish movement was founded in Europe by Jacob Amman. The Amish religion began as a reform movement within the Mennonite Church. Some of the church members wanted to return to the old ways and a life style with more discipline.


In the 1700’s some of them migrated to the United States. Pennsylvania was the first state, but since then the Amish have settled in many areas around the country. They have attempted to preserve the elements of the 1700th century European rural culture. They do not have phones inside of their plain simple homes. The Amish want to avoid the so-called modern conveniences of modern day lifestyles.

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The Amish-Buggy 106 W. Washington St. Newton, IL 62448

(800) 753-8343